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Women's One of a Kind fashion.

GENUINE Graphic Arts

Lemon Twist fashion Camp

GENUINE GRAPHICS, Clothing Designer, Womens Fashion, Sewing Camp | San Francisco, CA

We provide sewing, fashion, summer, and holiday camps in San Francisco, CA for your budding young fashion designers. Contact us for more information.

Best sewing fashion camp in San Francisco.  Best summer camp for kids.

Genuine Graphics, Clothing Designer, Womens Fashion, Sewing Camp | San Francisco, CA, text based drawings,


Bay Area artist Eric Scheib's creative work has spanned an impressive array of media over the last fifteen years. His drawings, works on paper, apparel and shoe designs, street tags, guerilla ad campaigns, print media, and skateboard design all have played a role in his extensive body of works. This cross over into a myriad of cultural avenues has earned him an international following. Eric has been heavily involved in digital, as well as traditional handmade methods of production, and has used his extensive digital skills to produce work for himself and help other artists such as Lynn Hershman, Catherine Wagner and Rex Ray. 

Throughout 2011 Eric had a serious health issue. A small hole developed in his spinal casing creating a Cerebral Spinal Fluid Leak. The leak went misdiagnosed for seven months and manifested itself in extreme headaches, and short term memory loss, among other discomforts. The eventual cure was a profound experience for him on many levels. Continuing his work Eric began a recovery journal that is the basis of GENUINE. He has dubbed the work as a "graphic diary", and like most diaries it contains his deepest feelings good and bad. 

GENUINE has an explosive graphic quality with a refined primitive style. The work contains sentiments that are both heartwarming and hilarious, as well as deadpan serious. The following pages of samples are pulled from the hundreds of pages comprising the ever expanding world of GENUINE. The large image is used as a key frame to indicate the over arching theme for that page. In the last two pages, FRIENDSHIP TRAIN and OBLIVIOUS, Eric is channeling his nine year old daughter and teenage son.

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